Kathryn Goodnite


b. 1986, HK.


Kathryn Goodnite

Expressionism by oneself or others creates emotion and ensures passion, which is how I feel about art and life. The past two years, I walked by the sea in Thailand and lived in the jungles of Bali which have evoked a more vibrant use of my love for the water and nature. I began painting in the early eighties on the island of Hawaii. I was first drawn to watercolors and the way they seem to have contrast, very controlled or loosely flowing. My studies would continue in Bordeaux, France. Thus the beginning of my dance with oil paints and their more forgiving nature. Years later, after establishing and traveling the world filling my galleries with 17th and 18th century antiques and contemporary custom furnishings, I made a move to Houston which led me back to painting and a more abstract vision of nature. I am basically a self taught artist who has studied with wonderful professors and artists around the globe.